About Us

Fondato nel 1909 Founded in 1909 by Francesco Gargiulo, Antico Francischiello has always been a point of reference for lovers of good food.

There have been three generations at the helm, just as there have been three locations in more than 100 years of history. The first location was led by Francesco "Francischiello" Gargiulo. Things went well right away, partly due to the first woman of the Gargiulo's house, Firminia.

Their success suggested finding another location, with a larger number of seats. Thus was born the present location, with a view of Capri. A choice that marked the turning point. Hence the contemporary history of Antico Francischiello (known simply as Francischiello) started, which coincided with the passing of the baton from the founder to his sons. Here then are the spacious rooms with the large viewing area (later covered and glass-enclosed in a wealth of greenery) and with the rooms above. The management passed to Giuseppe "Peppino," who had learned the secrets of the kitchen from his grandmother, his mother and - especially for desserts - from "'external' masters." Here is explained the secret dessert of the restaurant, the famous "delizia al limone" (created by Carmine Marzuillo, but launched by his brother Alfonso, chef of the Francischiello).

In 1960 the second woman entered the restaurant's destiny: Giuseppina "Pina" Di Maio. Peppino's wife brought, with her young age, enthusiasm and steadiness to the business.

In the spring of 1976 the Michelin star arrived: Francischiello was the first restaurant in Campania to obtain it. The Antico Francischiello - designated as a historical restaurant in 1994 - began to host the parties of Commander Achille Lauro, the luncheons of Duchess Anna of Aosta and of the Duchesses of Serracapriola, the dinners of the Neapolitan nobility, the reception of the Texas Instrument Co. featuring the mayor of New York, the luncheons of politicians.

He was also chosen during the days of international cinema meetings organized by Gian Luigi Rondi: among others Marcello Mastroianni, Katleen and Patricia Kennedy, King Vidor, George Stevens, Jhon Huston, William Wyler with director Clouzot, Billy Wilder and Antony Queen arrived. The ambassador of Israel Elazar Cohen, Vittorio Sgarbi, Sandra Mondaini, Lina Wertmuller, Stefania Sandrelli, Rocco Barocco, Valeria Golino, Isabella Ferrari, Dario Argento, Rosalia Maggio were not left without the privileges of the cuisine and hospitality of the Antico Francischiello and Luciano Pavarotti who had the opportunity to enjoy Donna Pina's culinary delicacies and from whom he asked for a bottle of orange liqueur, feeling nostalgic for it.